Tritanium Athletes

Tritanium Athletes – are top world-class sportsmen, who achieved significant success. These sportsmen are actively using Tritanium eXtend high-quality compression clothes for training, competitions, recovery and travelling.

Among famous national Tritanium Athletes are:

  1. Robert Helenius (European champion in boxing, heavy weight category)
  2. Tatu Väänänen (World champion, the captain of the national team, floorball)
  3. Jenna Laukkanen (two times European champion, swimming)
  4. Petteri Koponen (five times the Player of the Year, the captain of the national team, basketball)
  5. Mimosa Jallow (EM-medalist, many times the champion of Finland, swimming)
  6. Sami Hyypiä (The Player & The Trainer of the Year, ex-captain of Liverpool, football)
  7. Juha Puhtimäki (the champion of Finland, four times East-West team’s player, Finnish baseball)
  8. Toomas Heikkinen (two times Xgames winner, auto racing)

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