Compression clothes Tritanium eXtend

Our bodies function differently in different situations. Knowledge about these physiological differences, for example during the training or the recovery process, is the most important point in developing high-quality and functional compression products. Tritanium Finland understands this and has applied its extensive expertise to create and develop Tritanium eXtend compression collection. These products provide the consumer with the right level of compression depending particular situation and, by these means, maximize the physiological benefits of their usage.

The eXtend compression products have undergone significant development work with application of latest high-end technologies. It allowed to achieve scientifically and precisely measured gradual compression, and, as a result, body gets proper physiological effect. Products from Tritanium eXtend collection do exactly what they promise to! In the eXtend product range you can easily find the products with needed compression level, whether you are planning to use them for trainings or competitions, or for recovery and travelling.

Products from eXtend collection have two different pressure classes:

  • Tritanium eXtend Hgh: products with high level of compression are designed especially for intensive workouts
  • Tritanium eXtend Low: products with low level of compression are designed especially for recovery after sports and travelling

All Tritanium eXtend products were developed with the consideration of three main features:

  1. They optimize the body performance during doing sports
  2. They provide more effective and faster recovery after doing sports
  3. They reduce the risks of injuries


Compression products Tritanium eXtend provide wide range of diverse benefits when used before, during or after the physical activities.

Using before the physical activities –better preparation:

  • Better level of muscle activation
  • Increased metabolism level
  • Body temperature optimization

Using during the physical activities – improved performance and comfort:

  • Enhanced blood circulation => muscles receive more oxygen and energy
  • Enhanced waste-products removal from the muscles => muscles work more optimally
  • Activating nervous system => kinesthetic binding in muscles is improved and sense of training becomes more meaningful
  • Better body support => micro-vibrations are reduced and, as a result, there is less risk of injuries

Using after the physical activities – faster recovery:

  • Increased metabolism and lymphatic system’s functioning
  • Accelerated removal of lactates from the muscles
  • Less post-training pains and inflammation in the muscles


Properly working right compression products should always have precisely measured compression level estimated in mmHg (millimeter of mercury). Different levels of compression affect the body and its parts differently, so it is incredibly important to choose the right compression product depending on what goals you have and in what cases you are planning to use compression clothes.

Products from eXtend collection have two different pressure classes.

Tritanium eXtend Hgh products with higher level of compression are designed especially for intensive trainings and competitions. They optimize performance level during the physical activity, increase the comfort of training and prevent injuries.

Tritanium eXtend Low products with lower level of compression are designed especially for recovery after sports and travelling. They help muscles recover more effectively and quickly and, by these means, muscles are ready for new activities sooner.


Compression products affect the body and muscles in three main direction: blood circulation (veins), lymphatic system (lymph circulation) and nervous system (skin that is directly in contact with compression clothes). It provides accurately estimated gradual increase in external mechanical pressure that creates positive physiological effect. Such compression effect allows eXtend products to provide maximum comfort and faster recovery, and significantly reduce the injury risks.

This external mechanical pressure reduces the size of blood vessels. Vein closure is happening easier and venous blood flow becomes more efficient and optimal (oxygen-free blood is removed from muscles faster). At the same time lymphatic system also functions in more effective way enhancing body’s own “junk” removal. Altogether it results in improved muscle oxygenation and faster “junk” removal.

The impact on nervous system is connected with stimulating the skin and muscle nerves under the compression clothes. When compression is applied, it stimulates nerve endings and improves the conduction of nerve impulses. As a result, sportsman “knows” and feels the muscles under the compression clothes better. Still, this effect is less studied compared to the effect on blood and lymphatic systems.

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