Tritanium eXtend Ankle Socks  – compression class 2 (20 – 25 mmHg)
Tritanium eXtend Ankle Socks – compression class 2 (20 – 25 mmHg)
eXtend Ankle Compression Sock
eXtend Ankle Compression Sock
Tritanium eXtend Ankle Socks  – compression class 2 (20 – 25 mmHg)
Tritanium eXtend Ankle Socks – compression class 2 (20 – 25 mmHg)

Designed in Finland high-quality compression socks Tritanium eXtend Ankle support foot, activate muscles and improve foot’s biomechanics. The socks have medium, scientifically measured gradual compression (20-25 mmHg). They are beneficial for people with flat feet and the ones, who suffer from different kind of pain in feet and ankles.

Compression class: 2

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Compression socks Tritanium eXtend Ankle were developed in Finland. They are produced using the latest technologies and materials. Compression level is gradually distributed and scientifically measured that allows to claim that this product has real medical second class compression. Socks effectively support feet (effective for flat feet), activate muscles and improves feet’s biomechanics. Optimally directed medium gradual compression (20 – 25 mmHg) enhances blood circulation, prevents swellings and many kinds of pains in feet and ankle. High-quality materials, latest technologies and unique design allow to use these socks in any, even most challenging, conditions. Tritanium eXtend Ankle socks have special Coolmax fiber that effectively transfers the moisture from the legs to outer surface of socks, keeping legs dry and ensuring constant temperature level no matter what conditions are.

The effect of using compression socks eXtend Ankle includes

  • Relieving pains in feet and ankles
  • Preventing and reducing swellings
  • Supporting feet’s structure (effective for ones suffering from flat feet)
  • Preventing and reducing feet cramps
  • Reducing feeling of tiredness in legs

Important! Before using second medical class products for therapy and treatment, contact a doctor.

How to use

  • Can be used at any time of a day
  • Before using, contact a doctor
  • IMPORTANT: always should be put with a direct contact to skin. Before applying remove any extra accessories (for example, bands)
  • Take socks off by “rolling”
  • It is recommended to use together with calf sleeves eXtend Low/High

Key features

  • Scientifically optimized gradual compression (20-25 mmHg)
  • Structural differences between right and left legs are considered (please, check the signs R/L on the inner surface of the sock)
  • Reinforced support zones in the foot, instep and ankle
  • Lower pressure on the heel and toes to prevent blisters and scabs
  • Seamless structure and high-quality materials (heat and moisture regulation)
  • Materials: Coolmax 50% / Nylon 28% / Invista Lycra® 22%
  • 4 sizes: S-XL (according to size table below)
  • Size is put on the inner top part of the sock
  • Include: 1 pair Tritanium eXtend Ankle socks

Size table

SizeShoe size

Choose the size according to the shoe size you use. If you are unsure of sizing, contact our professionals who can help you with choosing correct size.

Washing instructions

Although Tritanium compression calf sleeves are manufactured from highest grade technical and durable fabrics, we recommend you always follow these instructions with the products:

  • Hand wash / machine wash in cold water (30°- 40°C)
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach (bleach will damage the fibers in fabric surface)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight

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