Tritanium Finland

Finland, a northern country, is not only known of thousands of lakes and cold winters but also of premium quality. That’s where Tritanium Finland, a unique and highly innovative compression brand comes from.

Sportsmen all over the world are looking for new ways to perform better, train more effectively, be better. They are continuously trying to find answers to the questions “What will help me to improve my performance?”, “What can help to enhance the recovery after the training?”.

Tritanium’s intensive product development is based on deep expertise in professional sports, sport medicine, physiotherapy and technology. There is no compromise for us when it comes to finding solutions that really work and developing up-to-date high-quality compression products. And it has already brought the results. Tritanium’s compression products have simple but self-explanatory reputation, proved by experience of many world-known professional sportsmen: They Really Work!

Tritanium compression products have been developed for achieving better results and more effective recovery process. The effect of the Tritanium products is based on scientifically-measured gradual compression (mmHg). There are products of two main compression classes presented in the collection to provide better physiological effect depending on particular goals sportsmen have. As a result, performance and recovery are more effective, as well as the risk of injuries is significantly reduced.

In the northern conditions, practicality and functionality are of great importance. Therefore, all Tritanium compression products are entirely developed and designed in Finland to achieve maximum functionality and comfort no matter in what conditions and sports they are used. Leading sportsmen from Tritanium Athletes, who achieved great international success, prove the high quality of Tritanium compression products. They intensively use our products during training and competition, for recovery and travelling.

We promise – you will get the results you expect!

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